Mono ammonium phosphate

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Mono ammonium phosphate

(MAP) – NH4H2PO4


12 % N (Nitrogen)      61 % (Phosphorus)


  • Acid effect fertilizer – high in phosphorus and contains nitrogen.
  • Fully soluble fertilizer with a high effective impact in drib irrigation.
  • Increase the validity of stored and added micronutrients in the soil.
  • Beneficial for biological process in plant, gives high productivity and better quality.
  • Important and necessary for cell division.
  • Important for roots development, growth, and increase the absorption of the nutrients.
  • Increase flowering – early mature – pods filled. 

    Method of application

    • Through irrigation water
    • Foliar application

    Usage rate

    • 2- 3 Kg/Arce/day – through irrigation and 2-3 g/L as foliar.
    • It Varies according to type of soli and plant.