About El-Dawlia

An Egyptian S.A.E established in 1984 and went through a multiple development phases in its specific activities until this very moment, it’s also considered as one of the leading companies for fertilizers in Egypt and Middle East, this came by its activities and it’s branching across the Republic besides the Arab world and Africa (The company is considered the only Egyptian company specialized in marketing agricultural products supplies of Fertilizers, pesticides, seeds and Agricultural crops).

The company is the representative for many foreign companies:

  1. Tessenderlo group which produces: granulated potassium sulfate soluble, powder and monoammonium phosphate. (Belgian company)
  2. Tessenderlokerley Company which produces: MgTS–KTS–ATS–APP and CaTS. (American company)
  3. Kof Company which produces: Alkallio (Natural calcium of marine sources). (Korean company)
  4. Green land foundation for agricultural services which produces: Fertilizers composite soluble solid - liquid fertilizer - fertilizer suspended - marine extracts and amino acids. (Jordanian company)
  5. Kemira Company which produces: Potassium sulfate regular and soluble. (Swedish company)
  6. Dow AgroSciences Company which produces: Dorjsban 48% EC-Rainbow 3.5% OD-Jarlon 4 - Rildan 50% EC.
  7. Jordanian Anfal Company: Specialized in special fertilizers either it was solid or liquid in addition to growth organizers

Representative forlocal fertilizers companies

  1. Abo Zaabal for Fertilizers & Chemicals
  2. Egyptian Financial & Industrial Company
  3. Suez company for fertilizers production
  4. El Nasr Company For Fertilizers & Chemical
  5. Delta Company for Fertilizers & Chemicals
  6. Abu Qir Fertilizers CO.
  7. Liqufert for Liquid Fertilizers


The company has an administrative location in Aga city (Daqahlya governorate) it also has 4 branches in Aga (Daqqhlya), Tanta, Giza and Suhag, those branches cover all over Egypt from terms of marketing and sales, the company also contributes in many productive companies working in the field of selling fertilizers and other supplies for production, we also import some important fertilizers for agriculture in Egypt.